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Ticket Policy - Weather/Rainouts

The start time may be delayed or the performance may be interrupted due to inclement weather or other reasons. If a performance is canceled before one hour of playing time has elapsed, including scheduled intermissions, your ticket will serve as your rain check.

Rain checks may be redeemed for a ticket of the same value for any performance in the same season, or for a refund of the ticket price.

If a performance is given after a delayed start or resumes after an interruption, rain checks are not valid and may not be exchanged or refunded. We will make every effort to present the performance. A delayed start time or the length of an interruption in the performance will be determined by theatre management on a per-case basis.

Notice of delays or cancellations will be made over the theatre public address system and will be posted on Altadena Music Theatre's social media and at There will also be an email that will be sent out to all patrons who have purcahsed a ticket for said performance directly from us. 

In the case of a canceled performance, beginning the following day, rain checks may be exchanged by contacting for a ticket of the same value for any remaining performance of the same production, subject to availability. Rain checks also may be redeemed for a full refund of the ticket price, or they may be donated back to Altadena Music Theatre. Please understand as a newer non-profit, we are operating under a very tight budget, and are working hard to provide low cost tickets. We hope you can consider this in the unfortunate event when weather is not cooperating.

A refund will be issued to the purchaser on record. A donation receipt reflecting the rain check value will be issued for tax purposes. Rain checks must be redeemed by October 20th, 2024 by contacting Only actual, legible tickets in their original form will be accepted as rain checks.

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